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MI Drunk Driving – Criminal Charges Brought Against Suspected Drunk Driver in Fatal Collision

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Being busted for driving while intoxicated in the State of Michigan will bring permanent and life-changing consequences on a person. However, if the drunk driver crashes into another causing significant personal injury or death, the charges brought against the at-fault motorist will undoubtedly become more severe. Each day as aggressive Michigan criminal defense lawyers, we represent people who have not only received DUI charges, but murder charges as well after killing another driver or passenger on the road. There are similar cases seen in recent news, such as the example of the Michigan man serious criminal charges after allegedly crashing his vehicle drunk, killing one of his sons.

Last December, Michigan resident Robert Ruh II was driving his truck in Homer Township when he crashed his vehicle, killing his son, Robert Ruh III, 7, and seriously injured his other son, Austin Ruh, 8. In the hours after the accident, toxicologists with the Michigan State Police in Lansing estimated that Ruh’s blood-alcohol content level when the incident occurred was between 0.08 and 0.10. In the State of Michigan, operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol content level over 0.08¬† is considered drunk driving. As a result, evidence presented from the toxicology lab was enough to accuse Ruh of multiple Michigan drunk driving charges.

Law enforcement officials originally charged Ruh with operating a vehicle while intoxicated causing death and operating a vehicle under the influence while transporting someone under the age of 16. However, on Thursday the court granted prosecutors request, slapping two new counts against him: involuntary manslaughter with a motor vehicle, or some form of Michigan negligent homicide charges. If convicted of all violations against him, Ruh could face a maximum penalty of life in prison, if convicted.

As seen by the example of Robert Ruh II, being accused of driving while intoxicated can have significant consequences, especially if it causes personal injury or death to another person. Harm was not only inflicted on his children, Ruh is also facing serious criminal charges of drunk driving and negligent homicide. If convicted of either charge, he will almost certainly spend time in prison. Because the punishments are so severe, it is essential to contact hard-working and experienced Lansing drunk driving lawyers for the best possible legal defense. Acting quickly will not only provide top-notch legal advice, but also help ensure that you stay at home with your family, and not behind bars.

MI DUI Charges – Michigan Woman Faces Criminal Charges for DUI Accident Killing Four Teens

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

When an individual drives drunk and causes an accident, they could be charged with much more than just driving while intoxicated. If a motorist gets behind the wheel  impaired and crashes into another vehicle, pedestrian, or bicyclist causing personal injury or death, it is possible to also be accused of murder. As experienced Michigan criminal defense lawyers, it is not uncommon to represent people who have a very tough legal battle in front of them after being held accountable not only for driving drunk, but for the personal injury inflicted on others. A perfect example seen in the news is the recent conviction of a Michigan woman who was not only charged with driving under the influence, but also murder after crashing into another vehicle and killing four teenagers.

Over a year ago, Frances Dingle was drunkenly driving when she lost control of her car and it veered off the road on Gratiot near the Macomb Mall, crashing into a car carrying four teenagers stopped at a traffic light. The four teens, Stephanie Currie, 16, Erica Haudek, 15, Devon Spurlock, 19, and Jordan Michalak, 16, all died as a result of the impact. Law enforcement officials charged Dingle with Michigan drunk driving charges, as well as second-degree murder.

After hearing the counts against her out loud in court this week, Dingle initially said “guilty,” but immediately changed her response to “no contest.” Although no contest pleas are not admitting guilt, judges treat them similarly for sentencing purposes. As a result of the Michigan murder charges and drunk driving charges, most expect that Dingle sentence on May 19th will include at least 18 years behind bars. However, Dingle’s Michigan drunk driving lawyer is sticking behind her. “My client is not a monster. She’s a human being. This could happen to anyone,” he stated.

Being suspected of driving while intoxicated is complex enough, let alone adding Michigan murder charges into the equation. As seen by the example of Frances Dingle, the consequences of conviction are intense, including the loss of driving privileges, fines, and extensive jail time. Therefore it is essential to seek the top-notch legal advice and legal representation to best protect your personal liberties and freedoms. Acting today and retaining experienced Lansing drunk driving lawyers can get a strong case developed in your defense to keep you at home, and not behind bars.